This March Help Babies

Can you remember when you had a baby in your home? Do
you know someone who is parenting right now? Perhaps you
are a parent of a baby as you read this. If you can identify with
any of these experiences, please consider making a difference
in a child’s life? Take an hour or two and coordinate with our
local hospital, Grocery Store, Food Bank,  Baby Store,  Orphanage and set up donation boxes to meet the
needs of babies who need your help. For the month of March
we are asking ever Grocery Store, Food Bank, Grocery Store, Baby Store,  Orphanage to set up a box
to collect donations of diapers and other new baby supplies.
They will then distribute these to new parents who need help
in your community. For more information about how to assist
us in helping babies contact or call Rico
Dence at 860-263-9046  for more information. Thank you.
We appreciate your support in donating to local families with
newborns who need your help.

Rico Dence

58 Annawan Street
Hartford, CT 06114


I started be Be Kind Day 3 years ago. If you live outside of Metro Hartford Area CT BE KIND to another person or set up a senior day in your area.
On March 5th, we will be meeting at 2:00 pm: 277 Main Street Hartford (South Church). We will be going in groups to help seniors of all economic levels in there home. This is about doing something nice to another person and creating community. Activities range cleaning to painting. I have asked seniors to provide the equipment they need, yet if you have gloves or anything that might be helpful please bring them. Call Rico if you have any questions (860) 263-9046

We can do things if we set our minds to them

I watch this video and I am remind how we can achieve what we want as we put our mind to the task.

You can make a small difference in people lives as you make an effort to make a difference

Video To help encourage people

Hi All I created this Video hoping to encourage people to join us next year on Be Kind Day.  My hopes you get together with some friends and family in doing something nice. It would be soo cool to see 1,000,000 plus people in doing something nice.


March 5th is around the Corner

March 5th is Around the corner.  One might think it is silly about taking time to do something nice on a particular day.  Think about it.  If we got 1,000,000 to do something nice on one day..  How would that look how would people feel that day??  Well give it a try.  Do something nice for someone on March 5.

Happy Holidays: Get Your Family Together and do Act of Kindness on March 5th

Since many of you will be seeing the family and friend this week, the holidays are a time of  enjoying the family and friends.  Why don’t you get together and encourage  them to do an act of Kindness on March 5. Get the family together do some act of kindness.  Here is a flier about doing and act of kindness with your family Click on the word Holiday that is underlined in brown  Holiday


Informational Meeting about Volunteering this Tuesday

The 2nd annual Be Kind Day is looking for Volunteers: We need your help to find volunteers and create acts of kindness events across the USA

Last year there were events from Miami to Michigan and San Diego!!

Informational Meeting about Volunteering

December : 7:pm-8pm

Refreshment Included

The Hartford Club 94 Prospect Street  Hartford

Can you spend 5 to 10 hours before March 5th


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